How to avoid Lottery scams? There is no quick answer to this but the best advice is prevention. Lottery scams are nothing new and scam artists will always try to find ways to steal your identity. Here are some tips to help you prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a lottery scam.

Fraudsters are always using popular brand names, long-established lottery brands, and even the newest coronavirus to scam unsuspecting victims into giving them personal information. Each year, unscrupulous online lottery scam criminals dupe innocent users into giving up their bank and credit card information in massive mass-market email scams that fraudulently claim to reward them with millions in lottery winnings. The only people getting the benefits of these scams are the scammer and the fraudster company. You, the ordinary consumer, still wind up stuck with the bill after paying out money to these crooks.

Step 1: Learn before You Put Your Money

Read and research the different lottery game rules and procedures. If you know what games you are playing, you can avoid a lot of scams by avoiding games that are known to be scams. There is a lot of information on lottery websites and in online article directories that can help you learn more about game rules and procedures. Also, if you are new to a state, check out the Lottery Commission website to get information on how the lottery system works in your state.

Step 2: Verify the Service Provider

Once you have a basic knowledge of lottery game rules and procedures, the next thing to do is to thoroughly check the background of any lottery service provider. When choosing a lottery service provider, make sure you are dealing with licensed and legitimate companies. It is best to avoid companies that are “floating” on the Internet. Lottery scams can take anyone’s money and leave them without a dime when the scam is discovered. To avoid lottery scams, choose an established lottery service provider who has a history of providing good services and has a long track record.

Step 3: Check the FAQ’s of the website

Look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the website of any lottery site you are thinking of signing up for. Check out any information that seems sketchy or doesn’t make sense. Scams will often pose as legitimate companies just to get your personal information and load them up with tons of spam and computer viruses. Often, lottery site FAQs are located on lottery scam websites. If it doesn’t make sense or if the information doesn’t add up, it is probably a scam.

Step 4: Identify Trusted Payment Gateway

The third tip on how to avoid being scammed when playing the lottery is to always check out the payment gateway before making transactions. Many sites use PayPal, which is one of the most secure payment gateways on the Internet. Never click “buy” or go through the checkout process on a lottery site until you have checked to see that the site is secure. Never give your personal information or financial information, such as Social Security numbers, to anyone over the phone or use a fax to make a purchase.

Another tip on how to avoid lottery fraud is to be on the lookout for scam warning signs. If a site asks you for your Social Security number, run! Most of the legit websites on the Internet do not require this. Any site that does, however, need this information should be avoided and never provided.

Finally, tips on how to avoid lottery scams also include doing your research! You can go online and research scam warning signs. You can read articles that talk about these warning signs.

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